Themes for a Boy’s Birthday

Themes for a Boy’s Birthday

After you are done figuring out the guest list, the next thing you need to look into is the theme. This is where your true style comes into play- so go nuts! Your theme should carry over in everything from invitations to the decorations, music and more! There is just no limit to the fun you can have with a theme- it just take a little planning and some creativity.

A boy’s birthday is special and needs to be organized in the right way without exceeding one’s budget plans. As a parent one shouldn’t leave nay stone unturned for their kid.

Here are some lovely party ideas for boy’s birthdays:

  1. Are you a retro movie buff?  Plan a movie themed gathering and feature a few of your favourite classics. Try creating movie tickets invitations. Serve some popcorn and play out traditional move theatre music. The guests could dress up like movie stars.
  2. You could even find a theme based on something related to super heroes. Think of this as another Halloween opportunity. You and your friends could dress up to be the avengers or the justice league. The birthday boy gets to be the main character for obvious reasons. The rooms of the house could be flooded with superman and batman helium balloons. A super hero cake would do just fine for the birthday boy.
  3. If yours is still very small, then he probably loved Finding Nemo. What better than to organize a Finding Nemo party. You could have the invitations drawn out on a clown fish cut out and could get a lovely Nemo shaped cake for your child.
  4. Boys are obsessed with cars and if this is the same with your toddler, then you could also opt for a cars theme. Again the cake and invitations go according to the theme. One could organize a street race too and give the winner a big surprise gift. The birthday boy could be given a small mini-car if he doesn’t already have one.
  5. A jungle theme is a favourite too. If you child likes Simba then you know which Disney movie you could follow. No prize for guessing but the Lion King does make for a pretty neat thee. You could have the faces painted by hiring artists who does face painting. Return gifts could include Lion King Lunch boxes. The house must be decorated according to the theme. You should be able to find such boys birthday party ideas whenever you go to your party organizer store next.

No matter what your interests are, you can always create a theme that shall scream you. Boys birthday party ideas are easy to follow and execute.